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What Are the Distinct Factors of a Men’s Fashion Suit?

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There are many factors to consider when looking for a suit for a special occasion, including how many times a person will be able to wear the suit in the future. Other factors to consider are the colour, the style and the material from which the suit is made. Just about everyone will need a suit for a special occasion at some point in life.

Suits are costly, so anyone who is buying a suit might want to consider finding a suit that can be worn to different occasions. However, this can be difficult because of the fact that a perfect suit for a funeral probably isn’t a great suit to wear to a wedding. Most suit experts suggest purchasing a navy blue or a charcoal suit first as these suits can be worn to any occasion or event. A black suit is also an excellent choice as it can be worn to work, to a job interview, to a funeral and to certain formal events. Suits that feature patterns or suits that feature a non-traditional colour probably shouldn’t be bought unless your wardrobe features several basic suits.

As mentioned before, by finding and buying suits with basic colours such as black, grey or navy, you can increase the chances of wearing those suits for various occasions. Anything in the family of tan or brown colours might be a good choice too. Although there might be certain colours that are currently trendy, you might want to avoid buying a suit in a trendy colour because there is a higher risk of the suit going out-of-fashion a few years later. The style of a suit should be considered based on how formal you want to look. Double-breasted suit jackets tend to look more formal. However, many people dislike the look of a double breasted suit because it appears old fashioned. Wearing a single-breasted suit can help you to blend in at any event.

Fabric is very important for a few reasons. Lighter fabrics can keep a person cooler during hot months but lighter fabrics are also more prone to crease. This means that you might visit the dry cleaner more often or you will need to invest in a quality iron. Wool is a traditional, quality fabric that works well in many different settings and temperatures. Avoid cheaper fabrics such as polyester because they tend to break down more easily and look cheap as well. Buying and wearing the right suit for a job interview can make you stand out from a competitive pool of applicants.

Remember that a men’s fashion suit can be a reflection of a person’s character. The way a person dresses can say a lot about who they are. A person who dresses in a traditional manner can be expected to be seen as a more conservative person, while a person who dresses flashier will be expected to be more outgoing. If a person wants to convey a certain aspect of their personality, there are several ways one can do that while wearing a men’s fashion suit.

Casual and Chic Outfit – Simple Blue Town Outfit….

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Casual and Chic Outfit – Simple Blue Town Outfit.

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Wedding Lehenga: Decorate Yourself To Attend a Wedding Feast

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The weddings are considered as the most auspicious occasions in the Indian subcontinent. Everyone enjoys witnessing the ceremonies associated with the bond of love between the lovers. The enjoyment, adventure & excitement associated with the occasion definitely offer maximum pleasure to the audience.

The outfits & attires are definitely the indispensable parts of any festive occasion. The grandness of festivity is perfectly reflected by the outfits. The wedding lehengas are considered as the most suitable attires for the Indian marriages. These are highly popular among the women of Indian origin. The main reason behind this is that these offer traditional looks to the wearer.

The fashion trends are changing at a drastic pace. This has also influenced the designing pattern of the ethnic wears. The designers are striving hard to make their collections flawless in designs & shades in order to meet the expectations of the clients. They are developing their collections as per the latest fashion trends of the ramp in order to fulfill the demands of the buyers.

The wedding lehengas are basically the traditional ghagra-choli collections. In this outfit, the ghagra is the bottom wear. It is designed in the form of the skirt. The choli is the top. This outfit is considered as the most suitable attire for the Indian wedding. With the vast change in the fashion trends, the designing pattern of these outfits has also changed drastically. Nowadays, these are offered in the glamorous form so as to offer sensuous looks to the wearer.

Nowadays, the designers are using innovative cuts while designing their collections. The cuts & cut-patch designs play a crucial role in the designing of these outfits. These are provided along the neckline as well as on the other parts of the fabric.

In addition to cut-patch designs, the artists are also providing beautiful printed designs in the multiple color combinations. The colors are best to manifest the festivity. In the traditional Indian weddings, red, orange, yellow and green are considered as the conventional colors. The designers are offering their collections in these colors in order meet the demands of the buyers. Nowadays, the women prefer to wear unconventional colors like coffee, black, beige, blue, etc., in the wedding ceremonies. So, the designers are also crafting their collections in these color combinations.

The embroidery is the vital part of the wedding lehengas. These are basically artistic designs of decorative items like beads, sequins, stones & threads. These are provided along the borders as well as on various other parts of the fabric. These help a lot in making collections more attractive & impressive.


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History of Hip Hop Fashion

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Hip hop fashion is a style that originated from African-American, Latino, and Caribbean-American youth who were based on The 5 Boroughs, a city in New York. However, hip hop was later influenced by numerous other places, which contributed to what we know of hip hop fashion today. Naturally, hip hop fashion is a reflection of its culture.

From the 1980s, different brands have taken on the hip hop scene, including sports super brands, Adidas and Nike, Inc, which added to their popularity. Clothing items such as leather bomber jackets, Dr. Martens boots and sneakers were worn, becoming their ‘uniform’.

However, hip hop fashion does not stop at clothing alone; it is enhanced by different kinds of accessories such as large eyeglasses, oversized name tags made of gold hanging from chains, and multiple rings; with heavy jewelry suggesting wealth and prestige.

During the end of the 80s decade, hip hop fashion, jewelry, and hairstyle reflected traditional African culture. Africa chains, blousy pants, red, black and green clothing, and dreadlocks were donned by rappers such as MC Hammer. When the 90s rolled in, baseball caps, neon clothing and even wearing clothes backwards became the new trend.

Hip hop fashion for men and women became different; men continued wearing blousy pants or baggy jeans, sunglasses and heavy workboots, while women began to wear tighter jeans. However, women adapted the men’s style by wearing them, and adding a feminine touch, such as putting on lip gloss and make up.

Brands like Dickies, Chuck Taylors, and Raiders contributed to the popularization of pants, sneakers, and baseball caps, respectively. Even Chanel joined in, featuring models wearing the classic look of hip hop: black leather jackets and gold chains, or black dresses with silver chains.

A significant shift in the hip hop scene was the 90s celebration of the fashion styles of street thugs and gangsters, including prisoners. Oversized was still everyone’s style, whether for denim or cargo pants. Until today, the style of wearing pants so low, or “sagging” them without wearing belts, is still a common practice. This practice comes from prisons, where belts are not allowed for their potentially-lethal purposes (as reported by CNN), as well as from poor urban communities who could not afford new clothes, therefore passing them down from one family member, to younger, smaller members. Accompanying this are hand signs and territorial mentality, which were first adopted by African-American youth in Los Angeles, but which later spread.

Hip hop fashion continued to inspire more and more designers, and big names like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, DKNY created sportswear that showed this style, and glorified urban street wear. FUBU opened hip hop fashion to the mainstream, beginning an industry of its own. Moreover, hairstyles that were traditionally African-American resurged, such as Afros and cornrows, the latter created by wearing a Du-rag over the head all the time, keeping the hair from being displaced. Eventually, Du-rag became a hip hop fashion accessory on its own. By the mid to late 90s, instead of gold, platinum became the choice of metal for hip hop jewelry, which was often studded with diamonds.

21 Cute Spring Trends For Women 2015

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Spring Trends 2015 (1)

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How to Find Clothes From the Movies

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Want to find clothes from the movies to add to your wardrobe or give as a gift? Well, you are not alone. This new fashion trend is really catching on in larger cities, metro areas, and even some smaller towns as available clothing suppliers and the internet enables the demand for specific types of clothing, outfits, and individual garments to be met. To find clothes seen in a movie, the most important thing is to know as much about the movie as possible.

Your first stop on this hunt might be the IMDB (The Internet Movie Database) where you can look up your favorite move or actor. By doing this research first you can uncover all the important information about the film you want to buy clothes from. For example, let’s say you watched Sling Blade and wanted to find the hat worn by Doyle Hardgraves or the shirt worn by Vaughan. In these cases, you might not know the names of the actors or when the film was made. The Internet Movie Database at can provide all of this info and much more!

Once you know which actor you want to dress like and which movie he or she was in, you can then try searching online to find out more about the available designers and clothing stores that provide this very specific type of service. These types of websites usually allow you to search by actor, film, or fashion type. You can usually even just search the most recent additions to their supply.

Whether you are searching for designer clothes, sunglasses, hats, shoes, dresses, coats, jackets, or other accessories worn by famous actors and actresses in the movies, you can find exactly what you are looking for online!

This new fashion trend is a great way to expand your wardrobe. If you want to dress like Seth Rogen in Knocked Up or Don Cheadle in Crash or George Clooney in Ocean’s 13, you can do it easily now via the Internet and sites like and that help you do this!

Fall Fashion Trends and Street Style Guide

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Grey zip-closure jacket looks modern. Try it on with knitted turtleneck and skinnies.

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Christian Clothing Becoming The Latest Fashion In US

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There is very popular saying in America that your clothes reflect your personality and thinking. And according to that saying only the uniqueness and dress is appreciated when worn at a right occasion. The role of the clothes has gained much importance in every spiritual events and religious get together also. Every religious program is marked by its special dress code. That s why, spiritual clothing is becoming a strong element of fashion and for this is why, spirituality is transforming the nature of fashion and designs.

Christian clothing sector has become one of the most popular clothing sectors in American fashion industry for some time now. The main reason behind that is its popularity among the youths and the teenagers. This is the one factor that has made this industry grow. Christian clothes industry has come much ahead than t-shirts and now they are trying hands on many types of other clothing as well. In America, this Christian clothing industry has a total sales of more than $4.5 billion every year. As per a survey conducted by DATOmana, Christian t-shirts are the number one choice of teenagers and youth below 23 years of age going beyond the popularity of t-shirts from Abercrombie and even the NBA. According to that same survey, 64 percent of youths in America say that they would love to wear a religious t-shirt if the designs are funky and trendy.

Christian dresses are very comfortable and always in vogue. The younger generation in America is wearing Christian clothes with the spirit of more than traditional symbol and saying. For them Christian clothes are the trendiest wears in 2007. They wear these Christian clothes especially shirts in offices, or casually on the beech or on the streets. These Christian clothes are known to be the most influential method to witness faith in Christianity. A well designed and well stitched Christian dress can hold anybody’s eye and at the same time it can deliver a message. Infact, it is believed that Christian clothes can ignite a spark of hope and happiness and it makes a powerful style statement. Anyone can buy Christian dresses and apparels with his/her favorite Christian graphic or quote printed on t-shirts and shirts, full-sleeved t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, hats, beanies, ties, and many others. Any part of your dress can display your favorite quote from the bible.

Honoring god is the most important motive behind wearing Christian clothes and apparels other than showing style. Creating style statement is the second most important reason why one would prefer to wear Christian shirts, hoodies, caps and other fashion accessory. Christian dresses and especially Christian t-shirts are the most powerful mode to spread a message ad to make your look a damn hot one. These dresses have also become the most influential way to practice lifestyle evangelism.


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Christian Louboutin shoes fashion trend 2015 look a bit like bandages but wouldn't say no :-)

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