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Haine de firma second online: Spring 2015 Trends

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Love this dress! check out some similar ones on Southern Elle Style! www.shopsoutherne…

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The Best Front Rows of Paris Fashion Week

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The Best Front Rows of Paris Fashion Week – Celebrities and Style Stars at Paris Fashion Week – Elle

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Fashion Photography

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Do you want to be a fashion photographer? Fashion photography is an extremely tough market to break into, but if you are willing to work hard, have a good imagination and hold the ability to take perfect images you are off to a good start.

A fashion photographer must be good in two photography disciplines. First, you need to be a great portrait photographer – second, you need to be able to create images for the advertisement market. You must be able to combine the two if you are going to succeed.

To be a successful fashion photographer you must also have a love of fine design clothes – without it you will never achieve the heights that bring success. A fashion photographer must stay up to date with all the latest fashion and have the ability to use his/her imagination to sell new designs.

Selling is the key – the fashion photographer must be able to sell his images to the fashion editor. Fashion photography is advertising and selling clothes.

To establish a reputation in fashion photography, the first thing you must do is set up a portfolio. Your portfolio should display your best work and be your first selling point. The second, and equally as important as the first, is to set up an online portfolio – your own personal Website.

To set up a portfolio you first must hire a model. Contacting your local modelling agencies can do this. You don’t need to hire a well-known model for your fashion portfolio – you need someone who will act well in front of the camera.

To be very successful you need to build a good relationship with models. Some models can be tough to work with so people psychology will play an important part. If you intend to shoot from your home studio supply a changing room for them.

If a model becomes unhappy for any reason the photo session will be a waste of time. Allow your model to make their own suggestions – regardless of how trivial it may be, it will help to keep them relaxed and you may get results that may be useful.

Once your portfolio is created you need to get exposure for it. If you have previously published work – use them as a statement with the picture editors. You need to establish a good working relationship with all fashion editors that you’ll be working with. So be professional.

Fashion photo editors are looking for concise images that clearly communicate an idea. You must, as a fashion photographer, have the ability to create unique settings.

When you do gather a large amount of fashion images, submit them to a fashion agency: Women’s magazines all over the world buy hundreds of stock shots every month. Photo agencies exist to sell photographers images – some of the larger fashion agencies have buyers all over the world. Some agencies can also re-sell your work in several different markets, and others will give you great career advice.

Keep up to date with fashion magazines, study the market and always be on the lookout for changing trends.

Don’t be afraid to take the first step. If a fashion editor has no interest in your work – don’t worry – try contacting different magazines or agencies – most great photographers have their work rejected some time during their career.


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Fashion – Find Your Individual Style

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We all want to show our individuality off to the world. Each person has their own personality, and it is fun to let this peek through in clothing that suits who you are. We dress for success professionally but this doesn’t always let us be ourselves.

When we dress appropriately for our work environment, this may limit our clothing choices. There are generally only a handful of people who are so comfortable with themselves that they fully dress to reflect their tastes and personalities.

Clothing is not the only way to show the world who you are. Another way is through your hair style. This is true for men and women. Get the right cut, and it can reflect your personality. It can become a symbol of who you are.

Better still, your hair is always with you unlike, say, your favorite jacket. You have your hair whether you are going on a date or going for an interview. It’s an easy way to telegraph your personality regardless of the setting.

You can still dress appropriately for your workplace and profession and be an individual if you choose your hairstyle carefully.

Maybe you need to be conservative, or just want to be conservative because that is your style. If that is the case, you can still make the most of your hairstyle by having your hair cut at a higher end salon. You’ll get a great quality hair cut and the quality will show.

Americans are not known as fashion trendsetters. Still, you want to make the best first impression you can, and your hair style is a big part of this. Investing in yourself, especially in something so obvious and always-present as your hair style, is a good idea.

Spend a little more for a fantastic cut at a quality salon. This tells others that you know your worth and that you have a professional, quality, polished image regardless of the setting you are in.

The 7 Biggest Bag Trends For Spring 2015

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The 7 Biggest Bag Trends For Spring 2015: Consider this the perfect time to start drafting your Spring '15 wish list.

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Top 10 Women’s Fashion Tips For Autumn

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As we move from the warmer summer into autumn, deciding what to wear in the mornings can take a little more thought. Whilst in the summer it is easy to just throw on a pretty dress and pair of sandals, the autumn requires consideration on which pieces of ladies fashion will not only look stylish and on trend but will also provide the right amount of warmth but not be too warm when in a centrally heated building. There is also the need to co ordinate trousers, skirts, tops, tights, shoes and accessories with outdoor wear in order to look great both indoors and outdoors. Here are ten top women’s fashion tips for autumn.

1. Pick out the styles to suit your body shape

Each season there will be a range ladies fashion to suit all body shapes. The trick to looking really stylish is to pick out the key dress, trousers, skirts and jacket styles to suit your body shapes. There are plenty of articles and books which can give you ideas on which body shape you have and which styles will look best on you.

2. Look for beautiful autumnal colours

Autumn is definitely all about rich colours and deep tones. If you usually wear black think about navy instead. Not only is it really on trend and just as slimming as black but it is also less harsh and draining than black. Also look for clothes in camel which is an incredibly flattering colour and try combining with rusts, brown, black or reds.

3. Add some texture

Thick autumn clothes are particularly good for adding texture to outfits. Trying adding interest to a monochrome outfit by combining ladies fashions with different textures. Chunky knitwear, lace and velvet are all great ways of adding some texture to an outfit.

4. Choose a versatile coat

With the weather getting colder, a great coat is a vital part of any autumn wardrobe. By choosing a versatile colour and style, you can ensure that you coat goes with all sorts of different women’s fashion outfits. Investing in a well made coat means that it will last you for many years to come.

5. Invest in a great pair of boots

Another important piece of outdoor wear, a pair of winter boots will look great with lots of different outfits and also keep your feet stylishly warm and dry throughout the autumn and into the winter. 

6. Layer your women’s fashion

Layering is not only a great way to keep warm and also adapt your outfit to the warmer temperatures inside, it is also very stylish and a key part of ladies fashions for autumn. Choose thin women’s clothing to avoid the layers looking too bulky and think carefully about the colour, texture, length, necklines and sleeves of each layer and how they will work together.

7. Make a statement with tights

Over the last few years statement tights have become increasingly popular. Wear women’s fashion tights in bright colours and patterns for a fun and stylish autumn look.  

8. Balance the outfit

Which ever clothes and accessories you choose to wear, make sure that you consider the finished look to ensure that it is well balanced. Too much bulk, colour or pattern can be overpowering.

9. Accessories

Choose your accessories carefully. Scarves make great autumn accessories as not only do they give a bit of warmth but they also add colour pattern and texture. Belts are also great for adding shape to loose fitting clothes and defining the waist.

10. Pick and choose the trends to suit you

There are so many different ladies fashions available this autumn, there is definitely something to suit everyone. Pick and choose the trends that suit you in terms of your body shape, colouring, lifestyle and personality.

I love Fresh Fashion: 50 Amazing Women’s Business Fashion Trends

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I love Fresh Fashion: 50 Amazing Women's Business Fashion Trends

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Pakistani Suits: The Amazing Designs For An Evening Party

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The designer suits are considered as the most appealing outfits for women. These are highly demanded among the women of Indian origin. The main reason for their high demand is that these are perfect to offer awesome looks to the women in a traditional manner.

The rapidly changing fashion has influenced all & sundry. Nowadays, every single person on this planet wants to look great. To cater their demands, the designers are putting their best efforts in order to make their collections more appealing & attractive.

One of the most popular is Pakistani Suits. These are basically the modified version of the traditional suits. These are specially created as per the prevailing fashion trends of the ramp in order to meet the demands of the market. These are designed in the form of the long coat. These are perfect to wear with the palazzo pants in order to offer amazing looks to the wearer.

The Pakistani suits are available in a comprehensive range of designs & shades. The designers have used innovative cuts along the neckline in order to offer a modern touch to their collections. The innovative cuts play a crucial role in offering amazing looks to the collections. These are used in order to give a glamorous touch to the collection.

The designers are using beautiful color combinations while designing their collections. The colors are widely used to reflect the festivity. So, the designers are using fascinating color combinations in order to give their collections an awesome look.

The embroidery is an integral part of the Pakistani suit. It is basically the artwork of decorative items which is used to create impressive motifs. The designers use items like sequins, beads & stones while crafting designs in their collections. These are provided along the borders as well as on the other parts of the outfit.

Another very interesting feature of this collection is its bottom. These are offered with the palazzo pants. These are basically the modified version of the traditional salwars. These are specially created in the form of the pants in order to offer new & impressive looks. Due to their fascinating looks, these are perfect to wear in the evening party or at any other auspicious occasion.

These are available in a wide range of specifications. The designers are offering their collections of Pakistani suits in different fabrics. The comprehensive range is available in the cotton, chiffon, silk & various other fabrics.

One can easily get the comprehensive range of Pakistani suits from the online stores. In this, they can easily get a wide range at affordable rates with the single click of a mouse.

I am all for this fringe trend that's been heating up the scene! It has an a…

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I am all for this fringe trend that's been heating up the scene! It has an alluring sex appeal about it!

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