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Boho Chic, Boho Style – A Fashion Trend that Focuses on Details

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Chances are you’re on one side of the fence: you love the Boho style that ruled 2005 or are sick of wearing fashions that make you feel like a newly-eighteen Olsen. The good news is everyone will love what fall and winter fashion has to offer. Fans of the look that made Sienna Miller a fashion icon will definitely love the over-the-top detail that will continue from Boho Chic into fall. Others that never felt comfortable in heavy jewelry, metal-adorned belts and shoes and flowy, diaphanous skirts, the new crop of fashion offers a different approach to rich detail that may make you feel more pulled together than looking like a gypsy.

Bold accessories will remain a staple in every fashion-forward woman’s wardrobe. Sorry Boho Chic haters, belts and boots look like they have staying power along with pendants, over-sized earrings, long chains and drop earrings. They may be staying on the shelves, but stones, feathers and shells that decorated the ears of spring and summer’s hottest fashionistas will be replaced by rhinestone-encrusted chandeliers and delicate drops. The long necklaces paired with the over-stated earrings will morph slightly from heavy, multi-layered, multi-stone piece to a simpler, chic, one-strand accessory. While the length and materials remain the same (gold still the winner), the detail will shift from Boho’s accessories to fall and winter’s fabrics.

Ultra-rich fabrics like lace and brocade are the hottest additions to fall and winter lines. Back-again-black along with gray and purple are the most popular for jaw-dropping dresses, frilly tops and tweed trousers that will line racks and closets everywhere in upcoming months. The feminine, flowy look will still be desirable, but it will be achieved with blouson skirts and culottes instead of sheer, floor-length numbers. If you’re concerned newer more regal fabrics like velvet, lace and tweed will still look make you look more thirties than twenties, you can still look eclectic-chic by matching new pieces with your favorite over-stated Boho belts and jewelry. If you’re still worried about shifting from fun and flirty to dark and serious, mix fabrics to achieve an even more eclectic look: there are NO rules this season about mixing tweeds and velvet or brocades with lace. More than anything, have fun mixing your existing styles with a totally new style to find your personal fit–fall and winter will bring plenty of opportunity to get away with experimenting.

I love olive green. The ankle boots dress this up. It is a very laid back way to…

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I love olive green. The ankle boots dress this up. It is a very laid back way to look sexy. Love that!

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Latest Trends in Men’s Underwear and Men’s Swimwear

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Men’s underwear and men’s swimwear used to be one of the most ignored segments of the clothing segment. Men did not have much choice in what they would wear at the beach or what they would wear to bed. But now, things have really turned around and there are a lot of designers that are looking actively in to the segment. This has resulted in a positive deluge of new designs for both men’s underwear and men’s swimwear. While some of them may be considered as bold and daring, many of them are quite practical and useful.

We can start with looking at what we have to men’s underwear now. Famous makers of men’s underwear are now concentrating on dividing the market in to several niches and then making products for them. There are new fabrics coming in, like the micro-weave that give the underwear a whole new level of comfort. Newer materials also enhance the elasticity of the underwear without taking away from the comfort. So now we have specialized underwear that support better. There are also underwear that sculpts to make your body looks its best in any dress.

However, the major change has really happened in the designer section of the underwear, where the man now faces things like thongs and g-strings for men. This was unheard of only recently, but now they are in wide availability and it really goes to show how differently manufacturers and designers are treating men’s underwear right now. The same goes for men’s swimwear. Before this new wave had appeared, men’s swimwear was only limited to the swimming trunks and the specialized sports swimwear. Neither of the two categories has been known to be very appealing. But now, we have an explosion of colors, designs and styles in that area as well.

So now we have things like the bikini swimwear for men. This is really a huge step forward in to making the man a sexier and more stylish creature on the beach and beside the pool. It is often highlighted that women take a lot of pain to look good wherever they are and whatever they wear. The same holds true for a lot of men these days. Men maintain their diets, watch their weights and work out regularly to get that well-sculpted physique that would get them the right looks. But their efforts were never so highlighted as they are being now.

These designer swimwear styles contain thongs, stringed thongs, g-strings, stringed pouches for men that are absolutely geared towards showing off the male body. Thus men’s swimwear is getting a whole new definition. And when it comes to colors and fabric, bold is definitely the flavor of the day. So you have spandex, nylon, etc. lining the shelves of men’s swimwear everywhere. And colors like bold red and yellow have come into high fashion for men. The amazing patterns, designs and textures that are available are just more indicators to show that designers are really working hard to make the man look his best.

10 Best Looks for Fall – Little Light Design Collective

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10 Best Looks for Fall, Favorite Fall fashion trends for 2014. How to update a classic wardrobe with trendy pieces on a budget. Fashion trends and ideas

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Fashion trend 2015. Attractive chocolate high heeled boots. These remind me of …

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Fashion trend 2015. Attractive chocolate high heeled boots. These remind me of some styles during the 70s and 80s.

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Trends in Toddler Girls and Baby Girls Clothing

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The fashion industry now offers a huge range of girl’s designer clothing. Young girls and baby girls can now enjoy a varied and extensive range of fashion collections, which helps them to set a fashion trend of their own.

Even very young girls have their own clothing preferences, which is why many top fashion designers now place emphasis on designing collections of girl’s clothing ranging from whimsical to cutting edge style. In girl’s clothing boutiques you can find unique, retro, floral, bright, ingenious, interesting and fashion forward designs for trendsetting little girls.

Today little girls are treated to an array of choices in fashion clothing trends from tender ages. The huge range of clothing choices presented to girls teaches them to develop a sense of their own clothing originality, assisting them to nurture their sense of style for years to come. So what can little girls choose from? What is the way forward in girl’s fashion?

This season girl’s clothing, particularly little girl’s clothing trends are swinging away from the ‘mini me’ designs, heading towards a new chapter, expressions of era’s gone by are making their way back into the forefront of little girl’s and babies clothing designs.

Whimsical designs are making a statement with flowing cotton voile and silk dresses, layers of ruffles and girly embellishments which let little girls be just what they are again, little girls. The romanticism of the 60’s is prominent in girl’s dresses and skirts. With a resurgence of puffy, boat neck dresses, lined with tulle and tying at the back with large bows.

Tee shirts and shirts have taken a step back in time returning to the peace loving 60’s era, tees embellished with vintage motifs and peace signs are popping up in many designs. My vintage baby’s original designs reflect this era in girl’s clothing with patchwork, dresses and ruffled patchwork, peasant skirts and matching peasant blouses.

A season for gorgeous girl’s dresses, the A-line dress is making a statement in the little girl’s clothing arena; with empire waists, flowing, soft fabrics which team comfort with style. The girl’s flapper dress made a come back this season, tiers of gorgeous ruffles from top to toe. Silk fabrics give the flapper dress that certain sense of upscale style with a dash of fun for little girls.

Girl’s and baby girl’s lacey, crotched swing tops and jackets have made a return visit. Colors are soft pinks, blues and lilacs for summer – black, red, grey and dark browns for winter. Fastening at the neckline with one single large button, allowing the swing jacket to flow outwards from the body and show off the stunning girl’s outfit underneath.

Prints and patterns are winners with an emphasis on floral designs, and eye-catching retro mod inspired geometrics. Hues are bright for summer clothing and toned down for autumn and winter girl’s clothing ranges. Solid colors are still prominent, tangerines and limes for summer, grey, reds and blacks for winter. Plaids are vogue for winter, bright plaids are best with reds, blues and greens featuring prominently. Argyle is in style for little girls this winter, making a statement on sweaters, pleated 60’s skirts and flared pants. Belted shift dresses are back, as are polka dots, tweeds and ruffles.

An exciting chapter has opened in the girl’s fashion industry, the shift away from the ‘mimi me’ look, back to the ‘let little girls look like little girls’ era. There are endless styles and ranges of designer clothing for girls to choose from. Let’s breathe a sigh of relief that finally we can let little girls look like themselves again.

Your trend guide to Spring fashion trends 2015 has arrived! For Spring 2015, des…

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Your trend guide to Spring fashion trends 2015 has arrived! For Spring 2015, designers are celebrating women and the styles that match their many lives. Some of the most popular color trends include: White on White, Positive/Negative, Bold Bloom, 70's Style, Denim, Flowly, Urban Amazon, Hot Mesh, Inseparable Separates and Cool Culottes, With plenty of choices, consider this your trend guide to this Spring/Summer season: #Zindigo #ZindigoDaily #KareenMallet #Raoul #AliceYim

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Celebrity Fashion Trend

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Who’s your preferred celeb or TV star? Ever wondered just what their private life was like? For those who have, you’re certainly not alone. It appears an enormous number of us have an interest in learning the latest news flash or chit chats about today’s most prevalent stars. Additionally to who’s dating whom, plenty of attention is of course put on celebrity fashions.

Many of us, especially teens, wish they could dress and show off like one of their treasured celebs. Although this feeling is very common, additionally, it leaves a great many others asking why.

In relation to outlining the celebrity fashion trend it is not easy to generate just one answer as to the reasons it’s so popular. Various people want to look and dress like superstars for several reasons. Essentially while, there’s a sense of idealism about celebs, that they’re living a life the remainder of us could only imagine. Stars are just like our alter ego; we wish we will be as beautiful and popular plus it seems if we’ve got what they’ve got, we’re closer to reaching our goal.

There’s a disadvantage to being very popular and well-recognized however. Several celebs cannot leave their houses without having being acknowledged or pursued by press photographers (paparazzi) almost everywhere they’re going. This appears to be the price tag on popularity. Having said that, there are lots of “day to day” people who wish they had their very own fan pursuing or were as popular as their favorite celebrity.

Even though dressing up a particular way or holding a specific purse isn’t guaranteed to make you popular, a number of people, males and females, go to great measures to be noticed within the latest celebrity fashion fads.

Recently, superstars are becoming extremely well known for his or her fashion decisions. In fact some celebs are famous for not even more than that! Honor shows have grown to be all regarding the fashion and each celebrity who treks the red carpet is asked “Who are you currently wearing?” It’s thought to be a significant coup to have your own designs worn by today’s most popular celebrity.

And astonishingly, inexpensive duplicates of the garments worn at these exhibits can be found to buy inside twenty four hours of the show being broadcast.

Getting celebrity news and data is becoming much easier. You are able to switch on the TV set and watch the most recent celebrity news program or look at the cover of the gossip magazine. Yet undoubtedly the largest way to obtain celebrity information and news is the World Wide Web where there are 1000s of websites focused on precisely that function.

Even though some may see the celebrity fashion trend being an unfit passion, there is in fact absolutely nothing wrong with checking up on the most recent celebrity fashions.

In a nutshell, as the celebrity fashion trend will not be over at any time soon, you need to approach with warning. Popularity and good fortune do not always equal great taste, thus always pick clothing and extras which are complementing for your body and right for your way of life.

7 Spring 2015 Fashion Trends You Should Follow –

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Today we decided to bring to you 7 Spring 2015 Fashion Trends that you should follow. These fashion trends were taken directly from the runway shows. blue/white combo, yellow, Gingham (picnic), Black/White Combo, Head to Toe White, Shirt Dress

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Urban Fashion Trends For Today

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Urban fashion trends have been around for the better part of a decade, and they don’t show any signs of going anywhere to soon. Instead, they seem to simply evolve; from the bright colors and bling bling accessories of the hip hop style to a more understated and profession urban fashion trend of today. When urban style first met hip hop culture in the 1980’s, the trend leaned toward bright, bold attention-getting garb that was particularly enticing to the African American and Latino cultures. Today, youth from all cultures are discovering the attraction of current urban fashion trends, as a way to break with the mainstream fashion with this teen fashion design and still fit in well in the academic and professional world.

Characteristics of Urban Style The urban fashion trends of today lean toward comfortable style with a touch of spirit. Bright colors and tailored pieces with a cleaner, more professional look have come into vogue. While flashy jewelry is still worn by some, others have moved away from these sorts of urban fashion trends to protest the materialism that the looks suggest. The designer labels that used to be a must in urban fashion trends are not as important as they used to be, and some of fashion followers even find them a pretentious reminder of days gone by. Instead, urban outfitters are looking for separates that are basic, inexpensive and fit well.

The Rise of Celebrity Wear Many celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon of urban fashion trends by offering their own lines of this clothing. Kimora Lee Simmons came out with the Baby Phat brand that is popular in many specialty boutiques and department stores right now. Russel Simmons introduced Phat Farm, Diddy offers Sean John and Damon Dash and Jay-Z offer Rocawear. This has become a popular urban fashion trend that many youngsters have joined, since they were familiar with the names behind the lines long before the clothing ever came into vogue. However, it isn’t cheap to boast a celebrity name on your clothing tag, so get ready to spend a hefty amount to dress like your favorite stars.

Urban fashion trends have come and gone over the past decade or two, but on thing is for sure. This fad has become more than just a fad; it is an entire culture and way of life for many of our youth today. Whether you like the urban fashion trends or would prefer to see them run their course, it appears that this style is going to be around for a good long while.