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Celebrity Fashion Trend

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Who’s your preferred celeb or TV star? Ever wondered just what their private life was like? For those who have, you’re certainly not alone. It appears an enormous number of us have an interest in learning the latest news flash or chit chats about today’s most prevalent stars. Additionally to who’s dating whom, plenty of attention is of course put on celebrity fashions.

Many of us, especially teens, wish they could dress and show off like one of their treasured celebs. Although this feeling is very common, additionally, it leaves a great many others asking why.

In relation to outlining the celebrity fashion trend it is not easy to generate just one answer as to the reasons it’s so popular. Various people want to look and dress like superstars for several reasons. Essentially while, there’s a sense of idealism about celebs, that they’re living a life the remainder of us could only imagine. Stars are just like our alter ego; we wish we will be as beautiful and popular plus it seems if we’ve got what they’ve got, we’re closer to reaching our goal.

There’s a disadvantage to being very popular and well-recognized however. Several celebs cannot leave their houses without having being acknowledged or pursued by press photographers (paparazzi) almost everywhere they’re going. This appears to be the price tag on popularity. Having said that, there are lots of “day to day” people who wish they had their very own fan pursuing or were as popular as their favorite celebrity.

Even though dressing up a particular way or holding a specific purse isn’t guaranteed to make you popular, a number of people, males and females, go to great measures to be noticed within the latest celebrity fashion fads.

Recently, superstars are becoming extremely well known for his or her fashion decisions. In fact some celebs are famous for not even more than that! Honor shows have grown to be all regarding the fashion and each celebrity who treks the red carpet is asked “Who are you currently wearing?” It’s thought to be a significant coup to have your own designs worn by today’s most popular celebrity.

And astonishingly, inexpensive duplicates of the garments worn at these exhibits can be found to buy inside twenty four hours of the show being broadcast.

Getting celebrity news and data is becoming much easier. You are able to switch on the TV set and watch the most recent celebrity news program or look at the cover of the gossip magazine. Yet undoubtedly the largest way to obtain celebrity information and news is the World Wide Web where there are 1000s of websites focused on precisely that function.

Even though some may see the celebrity fashion trend being an unfit passion, there is in fact absolutely nothing wrong with checking up on the most recent celebrity fashions.

In a nutshell, as the celebrity fashion trend will not be over at any time soon, you need to approach with warning. Popularity and good fortune do not always equal great taste, thus always pick clothing and extras which are complementing for your body and right for your way of life.

7 Spring 2015 Fashion Trends You Should Follow –

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Today we decided to bring to you 7 Spring 2015 Fashion Trends that you should follow. These fashion trends were taken directly from the runway shows. blue/white combo, yellow, Gingham (picnic), Black/White Combo, Head to Toe White, Shirt Dress

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Urban Fashion Trends For Today

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Urban fashion trends have been around for the better part of a decade, and they don’t show any signs of going anywhere to soon. Instead, they seem to simply evolve; from the bright colors and bling bling accessories of the hip hop style to a more understated and profession urban fashion trend of today. When urban style first met hip hop culture in the 1980’s, the trend leaned toward bright, bold attention-getting garb that was particularly enticing to the African American and Latino cultures. Today, youth from all cultures are discovering the attraction of current urban fashion trends, as a way to break with the mainstream fashion with this teen fashion design and still fit in well in the academic and professional world.

Characteristics of Urban Style The urban fashion trends of today lean toward comfortable style with a touch of spirit. Bright colors and tailored pieces with a cleaner, more professional look have come into vogue. While flashy jewelry is still worn by some, others have moved away from these sorts of urban fashion trends to protest the materialism that the looks suggest. The designer labels that used to be a must in urban fashion trends are not as important as they used to be, and some of fashion followers even find them a pretentious reminder of days gone by. Instead, urban outfitters are looking for separates that are basic, inexpensive and fit well.

The Rise of Celebrity Wear Many celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon of urban fashion trends by offering their own lines of this clothing. Kimora Lee Simmons came out with the Baby Phat brand that is popular in many specialty boutiques and department stores right now. Russel Simmons introduced Phat Farm, Diddy offers Sean John and Damon Dash and Jay-Z offer Rocawear. This has become a popular urban fashion trend that many youngsters have joined, since they were familiar with the names behind the lines long before the clothing ever came into vogue. However, it isn’t cheap to boast a celebrity name on your clothing tag, so get ready to spend a hefty amount to dress like your favorite stars.

Urban fashion trends have come and gone over the past decade or two, but on thing is for sure. This fad has become more than just a fad; it is an entire culture and way of life for many of our youth today. Whether you like the urban fashion trends or would prefer to see them run their course, it appears that this style is going to be around for a good long while.

Latest Fashion Trends For Teenagers 2015

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Latest Fashion Trends For Teenagers 2015 www.votrebellevie…

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2015 Women’s Swimwear Fashion Trends

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As summer fades into fall 2014, we thought it would be fun to consider what lies ahead for 2015 swimwear and bikini trends. 2015? Are we crazy? Not really as most of the big swimwear manufacturers are already preparing their 2015 swimwear catalogs. Maybe you have a cruise planned in the winter or spring or will be traveling to another warm weather destination. But whether you’re soaking up the sun’s rays in Aruba, or on the French Riviera, the most crucial decision won’t be the SPF of your sunscreen (Always 50+ SPF by the way!), but which swimwear pieces you’ll be wearing.

While the accessibility of classic swimwear styles (and the fact that swimwear trends move relatively slowly) means it’s not a requirement, it’s still always worthwhile to learn what styles will fit well with spring 2015 trends. Whether it’s creating a bold statement or simply perhaps taking your personal style credentials to the waterside, an update for your bikini selections will make holidays and hot weekends all the more exciting and enjoyable.

Read on to find out what cuts and styles are in fashion for 2015:

Swimwear trends don’t exactly move at as fast a pace as the cycles in other fashion trends. That’s because it’s not an easy thing to reinvent the bikini or the monokini. With a strong need to balance functionality with sex appeal, designers are restricted as to what they can really do. Regardless of this, one piece swimsuits and bikini trends are definitely still impacted by other fashion trends.

So what swimsuit trends can we expect for 2015? You’d be right in the event you guessed swimsuit styles will be strongly influenced by other key fashion trends for the year. So when it comes to selecting a new swimsuit, these represent the swimwear styles worth shopping for.

Vintage-inspired swimwear

The trend towards classic retro styled swimsuits continues to expand in today’s swimwear market. Needless to say it’s the bombshells, the pin-ups, of the same era we’re most likely to think of with regards to 1950s bathing suits especially – the Marilyn Monroe’s and the Jayne Mansfield’s. They’re playful, curvaceous, and steeped in sex appeal. So the reason we refer to the former is to balance out the latter: Vintage-style swimwear has its place in 2015’s swimwear trends, but it’s not always going to be about strawberry cheesecake and other cliches. Instead it’s a subtle infusion of retro cuts and prints – so while the right type of swimsuit for you could be as bombshell as Marilyn or as sophisticated and subtle as Grace, it may also sit squarely in between. Everything in swimwear doesn’t need to be about extremes and vintage swimwear is a great area to fuse the perfect combination between class and sexy. Most often for this coming year, it’s about high-waisted bikini bottoms in an effort to inject just a hint of vintage feel into otherwise modern swimsuits. Here are some other features to look out for in the 2015 vintage swimwear market:

  • one-pieces with cinched-in waists, sweetheart necklines and cute pockets
  • high-waist bikini bottoms
  • playful prints – kaleidoscopic, psychedelic, geometric – made in modern cuts in order to avoid vintage overkill
  • shirred sides that highlight the waist and hips
  • fuller-cupped tops
  • minimalist accents and elegant cuts.

Bikini Separates – Mix and match bikini tops and bottoms

The aura of nonchalance and effortlessness surrounding our clothing seeped into our bikinis for 2014 and you should expect more of the same for 2015. A clash of color and/or print between your bikini top and bikini bottoms not only creates an intriguing look, but inherently oozes a kind of eclectic, fun summer vibe. It’s not that you don’t care about your bathing suit being all properly matched, it’s that you’re way too cool to. Occasionally a bit of mismatching simply demonstrates that you’re throwing yourself headfirst into summer and squeezing every last drop of adventure out of the sunshine, not caring about uniformity. It’s also a fantastic way to get numerous and varied wears out of just a couple of different bikinis.

Here are a few additional pointers about bikini separates:

If you don’t choose to go for all-out clashes, start by selection a classic black bikini and blend in either the top or bottom along with other bright colors and prints. You can’t really get it wrong by taking this approach.

With bikini separates, the bolder and more obvious the clash the more desirable and unique the look. You don’t want to appear as if you’ve made an effort to match two similar pieces without success. Try picking any two of the following and mixing them without any trepidation: animal print, geometry, floral, stripes, or even digital patterned prints.

Elegant frilly swimwear

Feminine frills are twice as good on the subject of swimwear, and 2015’s collections are going to be inspired by that fact. Firstly, they provide a soft, dainty, summer vibe. And secondly, they can add volume where you need it making an effort to shape your figure in flattering ways.

Beautiful | Natural whites, soft pastels or colorful micro prints result in very fashionable choices with regards to the ruffled busts and mesh frills. One important thing that’s a given in terms of this style: you should definitely pick out quite possibly the most unexpected interpretations to both flatter your figure, and distinguish you from the rest of the crowd.

For many years cutout bathing suits, whether or not it was cutout detailing on bikinis or monokinis was the design and style of choice. Cutaway swimwear has since become something of an ever-green style, but if we’re to gauge based on the 2015 runways, the cutaways are marking a return to the frontline for swimwear trends. The sultry one piece swimsuits are all about marketing fresh and surprising shapes, with sexy cuts that seem to instantly flatter our bodies. Look for them within both vibrant prints and monochrome tones, but be sure that your choice translates to a modern day look.

Sporty swimwear styles

Yet another of last season’s highly-influential trends ended up incorporating the 2014 / 2015 swimwear styles with a sporty-chic attitude. The overall feel of this swimsuit style should still be high on sexy, the uniqueness lying in the super-slick silhouettes with trendy cutaways and vibrant colors.

Digital print swimwear

Digital prints were everywhere in spring / summer 2014 and we see this trend only growing in 2015 as women seek to avoid the dreaded moment when they take off their swimsuit cover up to reveal the exact same swimsuit as the women two blankets down. While printed swimsuits have always been popular, this coming year they will get their cues from street wear trends and discover the prints for swimwear that is functional in addition to being highly fashionable, often capable of being worn as outerwear.

For 2015 digital prints will take the shape of everything and anything from delicate floral designs to intense animal prints to abstract patterns or even cityscapes. There aren’t any real rules here: opt for whatever print strikes your heart with desire, and if you would like to get extra mileage go for a one-piece swimsuit that can also be used as a bodysuit.

On-trend swimwear for your figure type

The reality is that when it comes to swimwear, you cannot assume all cuts are going to flatter every figure. But between each of the trending 2014/2015 styles there’s certainly something for everybody. It will certainly always depend upon what you’re most comfortable with, but if you’re looking for a place to start below are several shape-based recommendations:

Full figure

Embrace the retro trend and utilize it to accentuate as an alternative to hiding your curves. You might try halter necks or cupped styles, and anything that brings in the waist to play to an hourglass shape.

Small Bust Size or Pear Shaped

Use ruffles to your advantage by adding volume at the top half of your swimsuit. Ruffles across the bust can give an illusion that will make you seem visually larger. It’s also possible to use vintage cupped designs with padding to produce curves.

Large Bust

Once again, ruffles can help to cover up trouble spots by alternatively adding them to swimsuit bottoms to balance your hips together with your bust. Avoid unstructured crochets or even string bikinis if they don’t offer any support; instead stick to structured styles and halter necks to keep everything from sagging up top.

Short legs

To lengthen the appearance of your body in swimwear, pair a printed bikini top with a block-colored bottom, which will draw a person’s eye upwards. Avoid having your legs look like a little boys and go for high cut thighs instead in order to not shorten the legs further.

Athletic figures

If you’re slim but not big on the curves take full advantage of styles like push-up, backless styles and crochet that instead show off a toned physique.

The women’s swimwear market is a multi-billion dollar business every single year. That means good news for consumers with top manufactures always looking to innovate and inspire with bold new looks for at the beach or pool. While every swimsuit isn’t right for every body type, there is a swimsuit style out there that will meet mesh perfectly with your own personal style. After all, we are rarely more “exposed” to the world then we are while in a bikini walking down the shore line at the beach. Doesn’t it make sense that you choose a swimsuit style, color, print that absolutely conveys who you are as a person. It is possible.

Mint Swimwear Summer Look Latest Beach Fashion Trends 2015. – Bikini and swimwear 2015 collections – Bikini & Swimwear 2015 Top Trends

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Mint Swimwear Summer Look Latest Beach Fashion Trends 2015.

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Winter Clothes And Fashion Trends

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Winter is the month depending on where you live in the world that is mixed with excitement over the celebrations but annoyed with the weather conditions and the constant feeling of being cold and looking your worst.

Shoes, boots, UGG boots, knee high riding boots what you wear on your feet can greatly affect how you feel and how you look. A good trendy pair of footwear suitable for icy cold slippery weather will make you feel fashionable and safe walking around.

If you work in an office you could always keep your stilettos for inside the office and swap after work to walk to the car or bus stop. That way you will still look professional at work and be safe and comfortable walking home.

In winter the colours are usually reds, greys, blacks, dark purples, brows, chocolates, and rich plum colours. Skirts can still be worn with a nice pair of gripped knee high boots but insure you have a thick pair of tights or leggings on.

Gloves, hat and scarf are an essential item to insure you stay warm. They come in so many different colours and fabrics’ you can brighten up any war dope by choosing a colour that looks chic and stands out. Some can be worn for everyday while others can be worn for evening such as shawls and wraps.

On an evening out it will be extremely cold so if you must wear a dress wear tights underneath, keep a big coat in the car to put on as soon as you are ready to go home. Alternatively you could purchase a simple throw over or light weight cardigan that can be worn over the dress or outfit to prevent you getting cold when pub crawling.

18 Trends That Died In 2012

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.Herfst winter outfits inspiratie bij Volg ons voor meer inspiratie foto's!

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Fashion Trends in Spring Dresses

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Spring dresses are light and trendy in vibrant color hues to add vigor to life. There are lots of options for women during the season but something in white and light pastel colors looks most exciting and charming.

White spring dresses is something that everyone enjoys wearing as it delivers a feeling of lightness and coolness. Nothing beats the charm and appeal of white dresses during the season, delivering a romantic and innocent femininity. These are classic summer staple that gives a fresh airy feel and can never go out of style. The only thing that changes over a period of time is the fabric, design, shape, and style of dresses. These blend beautifully with all skin tones and also hold the power to make any woman stand out. Available in a variety of styles and designs, this dress of the season gives a bold and beautiful look on any occasion.

Apart from whites, variety of dresses in vibrant colors like shades of greens, blues, and pinks also adds to the list of spring dresses. The colored dresses in combination with white shades and contours are extremely captivating.

The most common types of fabrics used during the season are cotton, chiffon, and georgette. These materials give an airy kind of feeling that enhances the level of comfort on a warm sunny day. Flattering designs and prints like the flowery prints, geometric prints, diamond pattern, block prints, and flowery lace work adds elegance and excitement to these dresses.

Furthermore, the kind of necklines and designer sleeves are also excitingly attractive. Necklines like boat neck, V-neck, sweetheart, collar, and high necks are best options to beat the heat and sleeves in the form of bell, mega sleeves, short, and long transparent sleeves are rocking.

Apart from these, the running fashion trends in spring dresses are the wrap dress, sun dress, short skirts, and a long piece. Wrap dresses are utmost popular with their trendy appeal and feel. These are long piece of cloth available in variety of colors, designs, and prints and are wrapped around the waist. These look elegant with short tops or designer kurtis.

A Sun dress is just a name given to pure cotton attire that simply defines the start of the summer season. These are simple yet attractive casual clothing that delivers high level of comfort. Adding to the list, short skirts and a long piece in white or pastel shades is something that adds to the cheerfulness of the spring season.